Titleist Rules the US Junior

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I read on PGATour.com that “A Titleist ball was used by 153 out of the 156 players at the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship last week.”

That is Ridiculous!!

Personally, I’ve played Titleist my entire life.  Don’t exactly know why, but I’ve tried other balls and Titleist has always had the “Tiffany’s” of golf ball. 

Currently it is the ProV1 or ProV1x. 

I’m currently playing the ProV1x, because I hit it about 8 yards further off the tee and I don’t spin the snot out of it.  However, I’m slowly working through trying all of the “upper-tier” golf balls available, so that might change.

Any ideas on others I should try?


As recommended by Maverick…  I’m including a bit of explanation as to how I know I picked up about 8 yards off the tee.

To start. I’m a solid 3 handicap and played 4 years of college golf, so I’m not just your everyday weekend golfer.

I’ve been playing golf since I was 8 yrs old, and I’m currently 23.This spring, I decided that I wanted to try the new drivers out on the market. I was playing with a Ping ISI with 7.5 degrees of loft and a UST Profroce 65 gram stiff shaft and hit it 245 or so carry off the tee. So, I started playing around with new drivers. The owner at Oakhaven golf club in Delaware, Ohio gave me a Titleist 983K with the Adilia NV x-65 shaft in it to try. Well I started to hit the ball much higher and carry it further, approximately 10 yards.

I had heard the pros say that the proV1x spun less off the driver for those with higher swing speeds. So, I thought I’d give it a try. I had a dozen Slazenger Players balls that I got from a broker at Merrill Lynch and I also picked up a sleeve of ProV1x’s from the pro shop. I was amazed with the difference in ball flight. The Players ball would go out and just flutter out of the air, while the ProV1x would go out and then turn over and run. So not only was I carrying the ball nearly 8-10 yards further with the ProV1x, but when the ball hit the ground, it ran like it stole something.

I was a true skeptic about buying yards or the newest technology, but ask anyone I play with and they’ll agree that a small $500 investment in my golf game, matching the ball and club has added at least 20 yards off the tee.



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