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One of our readers posted this comment, defending Tiger from naysayers who post on our blog. It was a very thoughtful post that I thought deserved everyone’s read because there are nothing like empirical facts to shed light on arguments:

“Anti-Tiger comments by media and fans are growing old. You people will find something to complain about when he’s winning too. This year, Tiger is:

#1 in putting average

#2 par breaker

#3 top ten finishes

#4 in scoring average

#4 in money

#6 in driving distance

Also, his career marks valididate “hype” for the next 200 years:

#1 career money leader

40 PGA Tour victories

7 International victories

8 other victories

8 major victories

130 consecutive cuts

Oh, and he’s 28 years old! Get over it. Tiger Woods deserves every bit of positive attention he gets, and only a fraction of the negative attention he gets. ”

Very well said.


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