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mulligan, 13 August 2004, Comments Off on Spilt Milk
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I know I’ve sort of harped on this, but it seems to me that when you go into a major, your mindset can’t be primed to complain about the course. Outside of other whining about how hard the course is before the tournament began, he now is upset that they played several holes from the front teeboxes. I know other players have said the same thing in both regards (too hard…too easy), but since every player plays the same course, complainign about the course only gives your own admission that you may not be the best player at the time. Granted, at the U.S. Open certain conditions brought too much luck in as a factor; and once that occurs, perhaps the best player does not win (although Goosen deserved to win that one). But if you are complaining that a course is set up too easy with forward tees, you have no excuse to shoot over par. If you are complaining that the course is set up differently than how you played your practice rounds, even Dimarco admitted that he expected tees to be set up on certain holes since there were designations during the practice rounds that forward tees on certain holes would be used…and thus, your complaint has no validity. In short, suck it up. I know the press is looking to get something out of you, but whining about the course only shows that you are no longer in it to win it. Perhaps that is a little harsh, but I can’t remember Tiger or Vijay complaining about a course when they are on the top of the leaderboard.


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