what a battle of the bridges

mulligan, 03 August 2004, Comments Off on what a battle of the bridges
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For 9 holes, the event looked pretty one-sided. Phil Mickelson and John Daly were 2 up for most of the way, and won both long drive holes. JD hits it a mile — even farther, on a more consistent basis, than Hammerin’ Hank Kuehne! On the front nine, Hank Kuehne was playing horribly, no better than a long-hitting weekend hack. And that’s putting things charitably. But Tiger Woods was there to settle “Henry” down, and then, starting on the 13th hole, T Woods and Henry rattled off 4 straight wins, going birdie-birdie-birdie-eagle. Henry should be given credit for hanging in there and draining 2 birdie putts. And Tiger sealed the deal with an eagle putt on the 16th. T Woods definitely had the assassin look under the lights. PGA competitors, you better watch out. This may have snapped Tiger out of his “slump.”


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