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mulligan, 08 September 2004, Comments Off on email from tiger
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Tiger’s sent out another email. Here’s a sample:

“As for my game, the pieces are really starting to fall together. I didn’t win last week at the Deutsche Bank Championship, but it was by far my best ball-striking week of the year. In the second round I didn’t hit it that great, but my mistakes weren’t that bad and I was still able to shoot a good number. My good play started at the Wachovia Championship in May and continued through most of the summer. I think I have eight Top 10 finishes in my last 10 starts, which isn’t too bad. Winning is just timing, where you make that crucial putt or hit that great iron shot. Vijay Singh has done that better than anyone this year.

“I had a good run at No. 1 – 264 weeks – and now it’s time to start another one. I will say this: It’s much easier to become No. 1 in the world than it is to stay on top. Somehow, I managed to do it for five years.What happens is you get on these little runs, you play great golf and everything goes your way. You gotta capture those moments.”

My take: I agree Tiger’s ball striking at the Deutsche Bank was his best all year. His driver is much more consistent, and he’s putting himself in much better position to score. One thing that has also changed during this stretch, however, is Tiger’s “fear factor.” He no longer strikes fear in the other top competitors. It used to be that when Tiger got the lead or near it, others would start crumbling left and right (just ask Davis, Phil, and Ernie). Those days may be gone.


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