george white on the ryder cup

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In his editorial entitled “Difference Is Obvious – Euros Just Better,” George White diagnoses the state of U.S. Ryder Cup golf. Here’s a flavor:

“The U.S. has now failed to win in seven of the last 10 matches, and that stretches way back to 1985. It would have been eight of 10 except for that fantastic come-from-behind win at Brookline in ’99.This won’t be another piling-on sermon, however. I’m convinced the Americans tried as hard as they could. But honestly, it never was a competitive match… Maybe now they’ll realize that Europe has the better team despite their country-bumpkin attitude, and has for two decades now.

“It’s time we in America faced the funeral dirge. Our team isn’t as good as their team. Criticism of the captain, criticism of the players would be wonderful if they were relevant. But the criticism isn’t justified.Simply put, we got thumped, and we got thumped by a team of much better players.”


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