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mulligan, 15 September 2004, Comments Off on rick reilly
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Rick Reilly of SI has a pathetic article predicting the Euros will win the Cup. It’s pathetic not because of the prediction but because of the drivel he throws out to support it. Here’s a sample:

“It doesn’t matter how much better America looks on paper. It doesn’t matter how many majors and millionaires America puts in outfits so ugly that trains must take dirt roads. It doesn’t matter that it’s a home game for the U.S., and that Detroit crowds will be foaming white at the mouth, or that this whole thing sets up like the biggest rout since Camilla v. The Sausage.

Why? Because of the B.J. Thomas Factor, that’s why.

Thomas wrote a huge hit called Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head. It went gold. It went No. 1. It was in a movie. And then nobody ever heard from B.J. Thomas again. Ever.

Europe always suits up a B.J. Thomas. It’s always some shy little guy whose face is obscured in the team picture, whose jacket is too big for him, who gets an elbow in the eye at the opening-night dinner as people reach over him trying to get Monty’s autograph. ”

This guy was national sports writer of the year 9 times? Are you serious?


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