the tiger run: will it ever occur again?

mulligan, 11 September 2004, Comments Off on the tiger run: will it ever occur again?
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Chris Lewis of SI tries to put Tiger’s past dominance into perspective. Here’s a snippet:

“But the rest of the show was a dead-serious demonstration of shots Tiger had added to his arsenal, specifically for major championship venues: the stinger two-iron he relied on to avoid each and every one of St. Andrews’ bunkers, for example, and the sweeping draw and tight little cut he employed off the 15th and 18th tees at Augusta. By the end of his display, Tiger had hit about 75 shots, each aimed at a specific driving range yardage sign. Uncannily, he landed all but two of them within five or 10 feet of its mark. Never had I seen a man so utterly in control of his golf ball. ***

“[T]he kind of genius that Tiger brought us in 2000 and 2001? About as likely, I think, as the second coming of Bobby Fischer.”


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