What was Hal thinking??

mulligan, 17 September 2004, Comments Off on What was Hal thinking??
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I am sitting here watching the Ryder Cup, and I’m about ready to throw something at the television.

I read Riley’s article in SI, which was posted about by mulligan earlier, and I honestly agree with it. The Europeans are going to smoke the US team.

Here are a couple of things that I’ve noticed, some are supposed to be in fun and others are serious:

1. Why pair Phil and Tiger?

Clearly Phil is just an idiot to switch golf balls the week before the Ryder Cup, but that is another story. Phil cannot hit a fairway to save his life, but Tiger should be used to that because he cannot hit a fairway either. But, my biggest gripe comes down to personality and congruency in their playing style… Phil has always been the “Happy go lucky guy” and he almost looks like he is surprised when he plays really well… Tiger is more deliberate and doesn’t really fit well with anyone, except maybe Cink… Anyways, I really did not like the pairing of Phil and Tiger, and they certainly didn’t perform, and it looks like Tiger is frustrated playing with Phil.

2. DiMarco and Hass were Amazing!!

Now, DiMarco and Hass was an excellent choice. DiMarco is a fireball and Hass is a bit reserved, but he has a recent college graduate who brings a bit of life to him. I saw some fist pumps and emotion in this group, and I really enjoyed watching them win 2up.

3. Where is Phil’s visor?

Phil always wears a visor, and maybe he is playing so poorly because he isn’t wearing a visor. His hair definately needs to breathe…

4. The fans seem ready to rumble, but the US hasn’t produced…

Every once in a while, you’d hear a bunch of screams when a US team member did something wonderful. This could be an exciting, almost Brookline Ryder Cup if the US team finally gets it going!!

It should be fun, but Hal needs to get the team ready to go!


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