skins game: yawn

mulligan, 29 November 2004, Comments Off on skins game: yawn
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I got sick over the holiday, so had plenty of down time to watch the Skins Game. Well, if you missed it, you didn’t miss much. Only 4 holes were won: Freddie won 2 holes, Tiger 1 hole, and Adam Scott 1 hole. Annika, who finished 2nd last year, was shut out. Freddie won the most skins (with carryovers). Tiger finished second.

There really wasn’t much excitement, or spectacular play. Sunday’s spotty weather was a huge factor, making it really difficult to birdie. But another factor was the lack of exciting banter among the players. Adam Scott is very quiet, as is Annika. Tiger sometimes talks, but not often. Freddie’s the most talkative of the bunch, but even he seemed a bit restrained on ABC’s broadcast.

The sponsors of the Skins Game need to mix things up next year: how about Freddie, John Daly, Sergio Garcia, and Tiger? Or throw in Phil or Michelle Wie? I thought Annika was great last year, but she just couldn’t get anything going this year–being at a considerable distance disadvantage playing with 3 big bombers.


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