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mulligan, 03 December 2004, Comments Off on email from tiger
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Tiger recounts in an email his win in Japan and play at the Skins Game. One interesting comment is about Annika’s play at the Skins Game:

“Annika hit a lot of good shots, but didn’t get rewarded. She has a penetrating ball flight, but can’t spin the ball enough. She did make a clutch putt at the par-5 ninth on Saturday to halve the skin with Adam. What made it more impressive was she really never had to make a putt before then.”

Two things Tiger left out:

1. Annika had to make that clutch putt, only b/c Tiger missed his short putt to halve the hole with Adam Scott.

2. The reason Annika couldn’t get much spin on the ball was that she was hitting long irons and fairway woods on her approach shots, b/c she definitely had a distance disadvantage off the tee playing with the men.


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