The Accenture Matchplay… Too Difficult to Predict?

mulligan, 26 February 2005, Comments Off on The Accenture Matchplay… Too Difficult to Predict?
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After three days of the Accenture Matchplay, bracket challenge for the Public Interest Law Foundation is already complete. None of the 6 participants have any players left.

Thus, the results are as follows:

Jasholn1 – 56
Oakhaven – 49
Extractor – 48
ASUGolf – 46
Lost Cause – 45
FloJo – 39
Mulligan – 38

The results are based upon 32 pts a round, thus a perfect score would have been 192.

I wonder how difficult it would have been to predict all of the results. Also, it shows that over any 18 holes of golf there still is plenty of parity in the golf world!


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