Sha Na Na Na…. Hey Hey Hey… Goodbye!!

mulligan, 05 February 2005, Comments Off on Sha Na Na Na…. Hey Hey Hey… Goodbye!!
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165,000 attended the FBR Open hosted by the Thunderbirds on this Saturday. The 165k in attendance broke a the previous record for the FBR Open by 1000 patrons. Granted most of the fans are on the 16th hole, doing the wave, signing songs, cheering, and chanting “U of A” when ASU alum Phil Mickelson deposited his 8-iron into the bunker. However, today was Phil’s day, posting a solid 66 and opening a 4 shot lead on his nearest competitor… Kevin “Sha Na Na” Na, who started to leak oil coming down the stretch.

Watching the tournament, it brought back memories of Phil at Augusta. He missed a short putt, made a couple long ones, and after everyone he made, the crowd went nuts and the camera shots looked like the 18th at Augusta. Unfortunately, the only thing he did not do was do the patented “Phil Leap,” but instead used a calm “Phist” pump.

My shout outs for the day go to fellow “claw” user Mark Calcavecchia and Scott McCarron, who posted day lows of 65. And everyone’s favorite “chicks dig the long ball” bomber Hank “Drive for show, and I cannot do anything for Dough” Kuehne, who put up a solid 80, dropping him from a T5 to T71.

Tomorrow’s final round will hopefully put me into the mood for a good Super Bowl. Go Eagles!


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