I am Tiger Woods

mulligan, 06 March 2005, Comments Off on I am Tiger Woods
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He’s back. Tiger Woods had the look of his 2000 year, staging one of the most exciting head-to-head match-ups in golf in years. The play was stellar for both Tiger and Phil; the tension, palpable. It felt like a major championship.

If you missed it, you missed an incredible Sunday. (What were you thinking?) My words will not do justice to today’s duel between the two most talented golfers in the world. Hats off to Phil, too, for rebounding with 2 birdies when Tiger eagled the 12th and almost chipping in on the 18th to force a playoff. It was unbelievable that Phil’s ball did not drop — it looked so pure. I guess just as Phil’s putt on 18 at the Masters last year grazed the edge and dropped, this time the edge was not as kind.

Anyway, both Tiger and Phil deserve their props for putting on a duel that was better than the hype.


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