the mystery of the world golf rankings

mulligan, 11 March 2005, Comments Off on the mystery of the world golf rankings
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I confess I don’t know how they compute the World Golf Rankings. It’s a ranking system that seems more complicated than the one for making the U.S. Ryder Cup team (at least in the past). A lot of people are asking, How did Tiger regain No. 1 this year after winning 2 tournaments after Vijay had won 10 tournaments last year? After all, Vijay did win the Sony this year. So in the past two years, Vijay is beating Tiger in total victories, 11-3. How did Tiger already catapult back over Vijay, leading now 12.27 to 11.79?

Frankly, these are all good questions. But maybe this ranking system should be thrown out the window. Right now, Tiger is playing like the No.1, and Vijay’s not. Frankly, Phil (who is ranked a distant fourth at 9.11) is playing like the No.2 (if not almost No.1). Obviously the World rankings accumulate from year to year, but it still doesn’t explain how Tiger regained No. 1. To me, these World rankings are pretty meaningless.


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