TPC players get a "Mulligan"

mulligan, 26 March 2005, Comments Off on TPC players get a "Mulligan"
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In an interesting turn of events, the PGA has decided to restart the 2nd round of the Player’s Championship. The tournament committee came to this decision after they started the 2nd round on Friday without playing lift, clean and place, thus forcing all players in the 2nd round to play the ball down unless they canceled the round and started over.

No one will be happier to hear that news than Ernie Els who had a 12 footer for bogey on #1. However, there are a few players who had birdies and eagles that only count in the 19th hole.


In other news, Michelle Wie is playing well at the Nabisco Championships, but is still 5 back from Annika and Rosie Jones. Wie decided to go see the neighbors on the 16th hole when she drove the ball into someone’s backyard, making double bogey.



David Duval is not in last place.

Hal Sutton has lost his form and has taken “David’s Spot” posting a solid 84.

And whoever came up with the name, “the BIG FOUR” needs to quit his day job considering there are many other players playing at the top of their game.

The New ProV1x is an amazing golf ball.


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