Let the Masters begin

mulligan, 06 April 2005, Comments Off on Let the Masters begin
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There is nothing like the internet coverage of the Masters. (www.masters.org)

Currently, I am watching Jack hit balls on the range and at the ripe, young age of 24, I’m spellbounded in the fact that one of the greatest golfers of all time is hitting balls and I’m just sitting in school (not class) watching him do this. Technology is absolutely amazing.

Anyways, I’m excited that Jack is playing and hope that he makes the cut. But, I feel that this years tournament is going to be won by someone in the “so-called” field and not the “Big 4”.

Yes, Tiger, et. al are playing at the tops of their games, but I feel that someone from the pack say a Zach Johnson or David Toms will adorn the Green Jacket when all is said and done.

So bring on the patrons and 54 minutes for each hour of golf coverage!! I love the Masters… it is the golfers opening day!


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