"Long" versus "short" hitters

mulligan, 08 April 2005, Comments Off on "Long" versus "short" hitters
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Funk wins the Players, with Luke Donald right behind. Donald is now on the first page of the leaderboard. DiMarco is leading. Triplett (from WSU:)), Maggert, Riley near the top.

Maybe being a short versus a long hitter doesn’t matter. Maybe it just matters how good you are. Or how well you are playing.

Oh, and Vijay’s complaints about Phil’s spikes? Should have talked to Phil first, then gone to the rules people.

If we really believe that everyone is playing with the utmost integrity, then one should never have to go to the rules officials.

Thanks to the founders of the the Golf Blog for letting me post here. I will have lots to say over the next few days, and into the future.

For my background, I am a marketing professor at a private university in the southeast. I play to a 4 handicap.


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