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mulligan, 14 April 2005, Comments Off on michelle wie
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There’s been much hullabaloo over 15-year-old Michelle Wie’s sponsor’s exemption to play the John Deere Classic on the PGA with the men. As far as I can tell, there are 2 main criticisms:

1. She’s taking away a spot that a PGA tour male pro would’ve received (who’s trying to earn a living);

2. She should win a few tournaments with the ladies before “practicing” on the men’s tour.

My take: You can’t blame Michelle for (1) — blame the sponsors of the tournament. They’re the ones inviting the golfers, and they foot the bill. (2) is more of a concern, but I think you’ve got to leave the decision up to Michelle (and her parents and golf pro David Leadbetter) on what’s best for her at this stage of her career. If I were 15 again and had her game, I’d do it, too.

UPDATE on April 15: Apparently, there’s been a Power Fade spotting. Read the entertaining comments below.


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