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email from Tiger

Yazan: mulligan | 15 April 2005 | Comments Off on email from Tiger
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Tiger sent a very gracious email, recapping his Masters victory. He seems very mature and even somewhat humble. Here’s a taste: “More than anything it’s validation of all the hard work I put into it. Hank and I have put some serious hours into this. I read some of the articles over the past year […]

michelle wie

Yazan: mulligan | 14 April 2005 | Comments Off on michelle wie
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There’s been much hullabaloo over 15-year-old Michelle Wie’s sponsor’s exemption to play the John Deere Classic on the PGA with the men. As far as I can tell, there are 2 main criticisms: 1. She’s taking away a spot that a PGA tour male pro would’ve received (who’s trying to earn a living); 2. She […]

Steroids in golf?

Yazan: mulligan | 13 April 2005 | Comments Off on Steroids in golf?
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Gary Player once said that the day will come when a golfer stands on the first tee at Augusta National and drives the first green (even with the new tournament tees). This golfer will be “6-foot-5, weigh 260 pounds, and he will make Tiger Woods look like a shrimp” (Golf Digest, 2002). So, what would […]

tiger’s major thrillers

Yazan: mulligan | 11 April 2005 | Comments Off on tiger’s major thrillers
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Tiger has prevailed in several close major thrillers — which was the best?: 1. defeating Sergio Garcia by 1-stroke at the ’99 PGA Championship. 2. defeating Bob May in a 3-hole playoff at the ’00 PGA Championship. 3. defeating David Duval by 2 strokes at the ’01 Masters. 4. defeating Chris DiMarco in a playoff […]

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