power fade: what have you done lately?

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Power Fade posted some comments that are worth their own post:

The majors have begun, with Tiger making a supposed statement. Perhaps he finally fixed his swing enough to win tournaments on a more regular basis. Seriously, with Tiger’s experience, do you really think it is more of a pressure situation down the stretch to win the Masters vs. winning the Bob Hope? I think at this point, he’s just trying to get enough wins to get the players worried about him as they did in the past. That advantage only works against the new guys now (are you listening, Luke Donald?). Sooooo….on to my point. For some of the prior major winners, what have you done lately? May was mentioned in a prior comment, but since he’s never had a win, and only 2 2nd place finishes, perhaps he isn’t expected to have done anything lately. My comments will skip anyone who is in the top 10, since they have shown what they can do lately.

First is the British, since “The Open” is my favorite major. The Masters would be, but I can’t watch it because of my profession, and I am a true believer of playing the ball as it lies, playing the land as it is, no matter how unfair the conditions may be. And the Open plays as such. Think you’d ever find a Euro watering the greens during the match (remember the U.S. Open)? Blasphemy.

Paul Laurie: Struggling on the mini-tours, and hoping to get back onto the European Tour. It is sad that he will never be remembered first for his win due to the actions of one Van De Choke, but at least he isn’t the third guy in that playoff that few remember, Mr. Leonard.

O’Meara: Boy, he had quite a year. Won the Masters, won “The Open,” and then hasn’t had a win since that magical 1998 (unless you count the Dubai, which I am not). He definitely has the experience to lead a Ryder Cup team, but will they have been forgotten by the time he is given his opportunity? Sounds like Casey sure would have supported the next one as his time rather than Lehman. Grrrr…Casey. That is another discussion.

Lehman: Nice transition, huh? That is why I make big bucks for these commentaries. Casey can have his remarks, but the old man hasn’t slowed down. Won two tournaments since his major, and has two ties for 2nd in the current year. Whenever a captain plays well enough to possibly make the team, he still has some magic left. At least he won’t be wearing a cowboy hat.

Daly: Oh, boy. Here is a tough nut to crack. It has been noted that the future golfer will be a Mark Mcguire type body. Length with equipment may have reached its limit, but the strength of golfers has not. Daly is the body type, but you need to add Tiger’s mental game to create the new beast that the future holds. Instead, with Daly, you have a guy who marries his fourth wife 4 days after meeting her, and two years later, she is arrested for drug-related felonies. The fact that he married her in Vegas only shadows the fact that anytime he steps on the course, his results are sure to be a gamble.

Baker-Finch: Have fun commenting Finchy, because it is rumored you will be playing in the British this year. You and Duval may be competing to see if you can berat Billy Casper’s score in the Masters this year.

Calc: Another old man with skills to compete. Look for him to tear up the Senior Tour when you decide to join it. You are the Walrus of the future.

Faldo & Norman: they both had their days in the sun. I’d never put down their recent play, because they both were kings at one point in time.
The U.S. Open:

Payne Stewart
: Got on the wrong plane at the wrong time. I’d say he’d still be a contender if we still had him.

Lee Janzen
: a two time winner, but he hasn’t won since his 1998 major. Can’t complain…he’s been in the top-100 for 14 years straight, and is gonna have a pretty pension when he’s done.

Steve Jones: He was a hot number when he won, but he hasn’t won since 1998, and has been injured since 2003. He will be someone they write an article about in the magazines in a few years as a guy who had a load of success, but never really got the public’s adoration.

Pavin: You have to respect a guy that is this short off the tee, but continues to hold his own. He is the old style golfer like Couples, and I’d never bet against him making the cut. When they finally decide to redesign courses to take the long ball out of contension, he will be the man to emulate.
Masters: (almost all the past years’ winners are the guys you’d expect, showing that the Masters may be the best set-up for a major out there)

Olazabel: Has two Euro titles and the 2002 Buich Invitational since his last major. And people still thought he’d compete at this year’s Masters (nope). He still has game, but the long ball is taking him out of the equation. Trivia: Has been in only one playoff on the PGA Tour, and lost.
PGA Championship:

Micheel: Everyone says he has game, but he can’t prove it. Barely made top-100 in 04, and hasn’t done much this year. Maybe his 03 win is a simularity to Curtis and Hamilton (notice I don’t even mention them).

: Read the book “Bud, Sweat, and Tears,” and you’ll see why he hasn’t done zip since.

Mark Brooks: Has had poor results the last few years, but I love the fact that his first win was at the Sammy Davis Jr. Hartford Open. I’d love to have that trophy on my mantle.


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