Spring is in the air….

mulligan, 25 April 2005, Comments Off on Spring is in the air….
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Depending on where you live, your golf season is coming into full swing. In Houston, we just had the Shell Houston Open, of course, but the courses are in really good shape. Actually, I have not missed many days this year. We were able to play all winter, as it was exceptionally mild. I am getting ready for the Texas am qualifying, and a bunch of other tourneys. What are you working on for the new season?

Daly’s loss was a bummer, considering that he had just striped a 3 wood on 18 to set up a birdie to get to the playoff. But, once again we saw how dominating Singh can be. One of the guys that I played with yesterday evening watched all of the practice rounds at the Shell, and followed Singh during his first-round 64.

He said it was amazing. Singh made everything that he looked at. During the practice round, when the wind was up a bit more than it was on the weekend, Singh was just tearing it up.

By the way, during coverage on Sunday, did anyone notice during the slo-mo camera close-up of the ball leaving Singh’s driver, that the ball was absolutely NOT spinning as it left the frame? You could watch the dimples on the ball, and they were not moving. Now, the ball will start spinning as it moves through the air, but that is amazing.


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