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I don’t like predictions, and usually don’t make them. Once in a while, though, I do … usually, only when things seem all too obvious to me.

Well, not to toot my own horn, but back on March 7, 2005, here’s what I posted after Tiger beat Phil in a showdown at Doral:

If Tiger’s play yesterday is any indication of his play this year, he will win at least 2 majors. Yesterday may be the day that we look back and say: Tiger finally returned, not only to No. 1, but to his 2000 form (revamped by Hank Haney and Tiger). Phil, Ernie, Vijay, and Retief better be hitting the driving range right now.”

And a day earlier, I concluded after the Tiger-Phil showdown: “He’s back. Tiger Woods had the look of his 2000 year, staging one of the most exciting head-to-head match-ups in golf in years.”

OK, so Tiger’s got some work left to do if my prediction of at least 2 majors this year is to be validated. But he’s 1-1 now, and I wouldn’t bet against him.


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