tiger, putting for eagle … into the creek

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Well, it was a weird day for Tiger (who started on the back nine, but didn’t finish) yesterday. Putting for eagle on 13 from above the hole, he proceeded to putt the ball off the green and into Rae’s Creek. Guess he misjudged the speed.

Then he called a rules official over, and dropped his ball on the green and putted again after taking the stroke penalty for going into the water. (Is that the nearest point of entry? Kind of weird, too.) Tiger 2-putted and saved bogey.

After making the turn on the 1st hole, Tiger stiffed his short wedge and hit the pin. The ball almost landed in the hole, but instead careened off the green into the bunker. Tiger blasted out from a down hill lie, well past the hole and two-putted for bogey. Still fuming, on the next hole Tiger hit about 6 inches behind his ball with his driver and duck-hooked the ball into the trees. The drive went about 100 yards. Tiger whacked at the ball for a hook that didn’t happen. It went into the trees on the right. Tiger whacked it out of the trees, but into the bunker. Tiger whacked it out of the bunker, some 25 feet away. He drilled the putt. Routine par.

Meanwhile, after the round, Tiger was questioned by rules officials to see if he should incur a penalty for tapping in a putt astride the hole on 14. He determined he didn’t. Just imagine the steam that would’ve been coming out of his ears if he had incurred that penalty.


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