Weighing in at 220…. what!?!?!?!

mulligan, 25 April 2005, Comments Off on Weighing in at 220…. what!?!?!?!
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While eating lunch today with a couple friends (oldtommorris was one of them), they mentioned the fact that Big John Daly according to Pgatour.com clocks in at a somewhat tall 5’11” and weights a ripe 220.

Now all I can say is look at this pic…. and you tell me if he is clocking in at 220??

After that fist pump, which might have created enough force to drive Vijay into the ground, I doubt that 220 is what he really weights….


In another JD moment, what about his sucking on a cig before hitting his ball into the water on the 1st playoff hole?? Talk about a true american… Overweight, smoking a cig, and not stretching or hitting balls before playing!!

I still love the man….


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