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mulligan, 19 May 2005, Comments Off on john daly: on annika
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John Daly was on the Best Damn Sports show yesterday. Here’s what he said about Annika: Right now, she’s the most dominant player in golf, nothing against Vijay or Tiger. He wouldn’t have any problem if she played again on the PGA tour.

In fact, JD said it’s totally “unfair” to judge Annika on her 1 PGA tournament at Colonial b/c 1 tournament is not a good measure of her ability. First, Annika doesn’t regularly play courses of that length, probably 700-1000 yards longer. Second, Annika had all that media following her, and she probably was the most nervous she’s ever been, even more so than the women’s majors. JD said that what’s fair is having Annika play at least 5 or 6 times — only then would we all be able to see what she can do on the PGA tour. And, if she played an entire PGA season, JD said he’d bet that she would earn her card.


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