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So what were you doing when you were 18 years old and graduating from high school? Well, today, graduating high school student Paula Creamer won her 1st LPGA event at the Sybase Classic. Paula birdied the 18th hole with a clutch 20-footer that was center cut, with perfect speed. She is the youngest player to win on the LPGA tour in 50 years.

As I blogged last week (post here), “There’s a bright future for the LPGA if the up-and-comers like Morgan, Michelle Wie, and Paula Creamer play up to their potential down the road. They will then join the currently rising stars of Lorena Ochoa and Natalie Gulbis on the LPGA tour as the next generation of women golfers.” OK, OK, so it’s no more “down the road” for Paula. It’s now.

UPDATE: Paula’s post-round interview here. Funniest Q&A:

Q: You said yesterday you were anxious. Did you just handle that much better today?

Paula Creamer: Yes, I think so. I called Colin, my caddie. We talk a lot, every day, and we talked to Lance about it, and just things to help me be not anxious and be calm and patient out there. And it worked well for a while. It’s funny, because on 17 I hit a pretty decent good shot and then Gloria hit it within two feet. And Lance was like, Come on, you have to make this putt. And I’m like, Listen, you need to settle down, not me. We have a hole and a half to play. Come on. It worked well.

There were times I tend to walk very fast when things are like on the last hole, 18, I was 50 yards in front of Lance. And Lance was screaming, “Paula, Paula, stop!” And I waited. And then we walked up. I just have to learn how to control it. The last putt, I was shaking because of nerves and just wanting to see what’s going to happen.


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