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mulligan, 26 May 2005, Comments Off on reality natalie report
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Natalie Gulbis has a new post on her online journal, talking about her week off in Las Vegas (her home). Apparently, she shot more of her reality show, went to the Tiger Jam, and practiced with Butch Harmon. Says Natalie, “We spent a lot of time on drivers. And as always trying to make a more compact swing. The main focus for my game this week was to narrow the distance gap that I have between my wedges. So I spent a ton of time testing distances with different degrees and hitting a lot of balls trying to break in the new wedge.”

She did get to have some fun, though: “My father surprised me by renting a favorite car so that we could drive it for a few days. The only problem was that it was a stick shift and I have no idea how to drive a stick. What a car to learn on..a Viper. It was so fun I had a blast driving the car around.”

This week, she joins Annika and others at the Corning Classic in New York.


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