tiger and annika: best buds

mulligan, 03 May 2005, Comments Off on tiger and annika: best buds
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Damon Hack — what a perfect name — has this must-read article about Tiger and Annika in the New York Times. Apparently, Annika and Tiger are best buds, and being Swedish, Annika and Elin are also very close.

Here’s a flavor from Hack:

They have become so close that Sorenstam, 34, will call Woods after she finishes a round to tell him that she tried a shot that he had taught her.

“Some of the stuff that I showed her were things that have been passed on to me from other players,” Woods, 29, said during the Masters last month. “It was fun to work with a person who is like a sponge. She soaks up all the information and tries it. She’s not afraid to call me up on certain shots, ‘Hey, I tried it.’ That’s pretty cool to have someone put it in play.”

Their friendship has also spawned a competitiveness that few see. They have exchanged ideas on workout routines, and each is aware of the other’s résumé in major championships.


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