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mulligan, 11 May 2005, Comments Off on Vijay won’t play
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Jim Rome said today that Singh declined to play in the made-for-TV “Big Four” event later this year. Apparently, Tiger, Phil, and Els all said that they would play, while Vijay declined without citing a reason.

Rome went on to guess why this might be the case: They all hate each other, and why would Vijay want to play 18 holes of grab-ass with them.

I agree, to a point. Even if this is the case, I still think that Vijay should play, for two reasons.

First, this might be the only opportunity for the world to see the four best golfers of a generation play in the same group. Each of these players is in the peak years of their careers (with the exception of Tiger, but 2000 was an anomaly). It would definitely help settle “who is the best”.

Second, what ever happened to beating in your rival’s brains? A good ass-beating by Vijay would do wonders for his reputation on tour, and in the minds of the public. He would have to be the favorite, considering Tiger’s swing changes, Els’ travel schedule, and Phil’s swashbuckling.

C’mon, Vijay. Take the offer, take the money, and take ’em all out behind the shed. It would do wonders for golf, and just might reduce the focus on Tiger, which, while great for his legend, is bad for the Tour overall (note: I like all of these players equally, for different reasons).


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