Natalie Gulbis – The Golf Blog interview, Part 2

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Natalie Gulbis

The Golf Blog’s exclusive interview with Natalie Gulbis, Part 2.

The Golf Blog: Everything about you seems very distinctive – your style, your fashion, your swing, your putting, your reality show, your website, your calendar – the list goes on. Do you realize how distinctive you are from the crowd?

Natalie: Yes, I do know … you point that out …

The Golf Blog: Well, we’re more than happy to be at your service…. One of your distinctions, Natalie, is unfolding as we speak: You will be the first golfer ever to have her own reality show, which will air on The Golf Channel, July 19. Many golfers – Tiger Woods is the best example – like having their personal lives out of the limelight. Why did you decide to do the Natalie show? Was it your idea?

Natalie: It is so exciting!! I am really looking forward to the premiere of the show in July. It was my father’s idea and we looked at several TV stations and thought The Golf Channel was the best fit.

The Golf Blog: It will probably become The Golf Channel’s most watched show… Are you a fan of any of the reality shows on TV?

Natalie: I enjoy watching Fear Factor, Newlyweds and American Idol as far as reality TV shows go.

The Golf Blog: You are also one of the few LPGA pros to have a website. Yours – – is very impressive; it even has music. And sometimes you post entries to your “Nat’s Journal” while at tournaments, such as during the rain delay at the Michelob Open. Why are you so involved in your website, more so than most pro golfers?

Natalie: I really enjoy the website, and I have had a great response from fans who have enjoyed checking it out. As far as my journal, I want to share tour life with my fans. It’s so exciting for me – every week it’s great to share some of the fun events and stories. I am very lucky to have fans who really enjoy it. Uncommon Thinking does an amazing job with the site.

The Golf Blog: Thanks for your time, Natalie. Good luck on the rest of the season!

Natalie: Thanks, great questions!!!!

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