Redux: Augusta Reloaded? – bad idea, says Tiger

mulligan, 29 June 2005, Comments Off on Redux: Augusta Reloaded? – bad idea, says Tiger
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Say it’s not so? Hootie Johnson announced that 6 more holes at Augusta (1,4,7,11,15,17) will be lenghthened for play by 2006. The revamping of Augusta will put it at 7,514 yards, apparently the second longest in major history.

I don’t like this trend. I’d rather see limits on the technology and equipment, before they start revamping holes at hallowed golf courses. No. 4 will become a 240 yard par 3. No.11 will become a 505 yard par 4. What’s next? Will signature No. 12 become a 200 plus yard par 3?

UPDATE: Tiger Woods has spoken. As reported by The Golf Channel, Tiger doesn’t like the proposed changes, either. I think he makes an excellent point: “They’re trying to get it to play like it used to play. But they fail to realize the greens are running at 12 (on the stimpmeter) now. They used to run at, what, 7 and 8? When we went into this year’s Masters, we thought that over par could probably win the tournament, and it rained. It softened the golf course up, and there were (still) only a handful of guys under par.”


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