report from the Memorial practice round

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It was a fun day at Muirfield Village during the Memorial practice round. I was hoping to post some pics, but (silly me) I forgot to reload the battery after charging it. Oh well.

Anyway, here are some random impressions from what I saw:

1. There’s no wonder how good Jack Nicklaus is. Jack smoked a driver on the 7th tee right down the pipe and in the fairway, after which he said with a straight face: “I think I pulled it by 10 yards.” That comment drew a laugh from the crowd, and smiles from teacher Jim Flick and Fred Couples. Jack was serious though, again saying he pulled it by 10 yards. I’m sure he did, but what was funny was the precision with which Jack knows his game.

2. Paul Azinger launched a huge drive on the 7th, after which he said to Vijay Singh: “See if you can top that, big daddy.” Meanwhile, some guy in the stands either had a mechanical device or used his own voice to make it sound like a robot. I couldn’t hear it all, but it was something to the effect: “Don’t choke.” That brought a chuckle from both Zinger and Vijay. Vijay had trouble keeping from smiling as he was trying to tee off. He turned to Zinger and said: “I get a mullligan if this doesn’t go well.” Zinger replied: “No mulligan.” I couldn’t tell where Vijay drove it, but I don’t think he hit it that well given the crowd reaction. And he didn’t get a mulligan.

3. Oddest moment of the day: Stuart Appleby was playing with fellow countryman Robert Allenby. He was walking up 10 fairway after his drive eating an apple. By the time Stuart got to the crosswalk, he apparently had finished the apple. So what does he do? He chucks the apple core right into the pond on the golf course. If you’ve ever watched David Letterman’s segment “Will it float?”, well, the answer is: yes, an apple core does float. It was a very surreal moment. All the fans at the crosswalk were kind of stunned. Nobody tell Jack.


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