Sabbatini Not So Bad of a Guy…

mulligan, 22 June 2005, Comments Off on Sabbatini Not So Bad of a Guy…
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Rory Sabbatini presented a check today to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund in the amount of $42,750 to fulfill his promise to donate $250 per birdie and $1,000 per eagle that he makes in competition on Tour this season. He also is wearing camouflage pants every Thursday on Tour to promote awareness of the Fund.

For those wondering, $42,750 breaks down into 159 birdies and 3 eagles.

Personally, I think that Rory is not a bad guy and just got a bit of bad rap for his “slow play” debacle ( related links here and here) with Ben Crane. And anyone who can pull of Camo like Rory can is ok in my book…


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