thank you, Annika

mulligan, 27 June 2005, Comments Off on thank you, Annika
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So Annika’s quest for the Grand Slam fizzled out last week. And, already, a number of media have been quick to suggest a passing of the torch to the teen phenoms and twenty somethings who were on the leaderboard for most of the U.S. Open. We, at The Golf Blog, are not so ready to pass the torch. Annika’s still got plenty of domination in her. You’ll see.

We wanted to thank Annika for making us realize, not too long ago, that we need to cover the LPGA much more than we did in the past when our focus was on the men (see here). The interest in Annika’s quest for the Grand Slam last week was proof positive what one remarkable athlete can do for an entire sport, like what Michael Jordan did for basketball. All the young guns and teen phenoms will have Annika to thank for the rising emergence of interest in the LPGA. She may not be the most flashy golfer (ala Tiger Woods), but she has displayed a level of excellence and grace that is unmatched.


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