Thank you, Natalie Gulbis

mulligan, 15 June 2005, Comments Off on Thank you, Natalie Gulbis
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While we have a little time to catch our breaths before the start of the U.S. Open, The Golf Blog wanted to extend a more formal thank you to Natalie Gulbis for giving us the opportunity to interview her. Natalie’s interview was our first, and we believe it was the first interview of a pro tour golfer on a blog site.

For us, what made the most lasting impression about Natalie was not her golf or the glamour that seems to follow her. We knew about her talent and ability even before we interviewed her — which was confirmed by her stellar play last week. And it’s hard not to be aware of some of the “hype” that surrounds a female golfer who has her own swimsuit calendar and reality show. What we didn’t know, however, was Natalie’s personality. She is incredibly generous with her time, and cares a lot about her supporters. Of course, the naysayers will say that’s just her marketing. Well, we doubt it. There would’ve been no reason for Natalie herself to keep in contact with us after the interview (which she did) if all this was just about marketing. The biggest thing we learned about Natalie behind the scenes during and after the interview is this: we could not have interviewed a sweeter, nicer golfer on tour. And she’s quite funny, too!


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