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So if you’re 22 years old and close to the top of the leaderboard at a major championship, how do you spend the down time in between rounds? Well, if you’re Natalie Gulbis, you blog on your online journal about the round. See here.

Here’s a flavor: “In the third hole of the day I had the tee and hit a 8 iron to inside 10 feet on a downhill par three. Annika gets up and knocks it inside of me to 5 feet. Gloria [Park] gets up and knocks it in the hole…Hole in one -the crowd goes nuts. Unfortunately there was no car or trip or skin…what a bummer.”

So why does Natalie spend the time on her website during tournaments? We asked her that question in part 2 of The Golf Blog’s exclusive interview with Natalie earlier in the week.

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UPDATE: The Golf Channel has posted photos from the second round.


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