U.S. Open interviews, Day 2

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The U.S. Open has posted 2nd round interviews here. Best questions and money lines below:

Q. What time did you have to get up this morning?


Q. Is that a normal wake-up time for you?

MICHELLE WIE: Okay, let’s put it this way, my school starts at 8:30, I wake up at like 7:10, 7:15, so kind of early. I am a very big sleeper.

Q. You said you got up at 4:15 in morning. You are most likely to have a very late tee time tomorrow, what will you do now —

Q. How do you feel just in general with your position now? Obviously the first two rounds you tried to position yourself for the weekend. Obviously six shots back you don’t think is too far. Do you feel pretty good? Obviously your game is good —

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Yeah, I mean, I probably — if I would have finished with three pars, I probably would have been ecstatic. But then again 36 holes, is a lot of golf left, and six shots behind is nothing. That can change in nine holes, can change in four holes. I have been there I have done that. I know what it feels like. So obviously I have got to make some putts, got stay in the fairway. I have to play some good golf, no doubt about it. But I am a fighter and I am not going to give up until the end.
Q. Are you famous back in Chile yet? I know golf is not a real big deal, but are they even going to notice what you are doing up here?

NICOLE PERROT: I look like? (Laughs). Yeah, pretty much, yeah, for sure. Very popular person back home. I think, I mean, getting with the years, growing up more and more, I think we have been working hard on that, too, because the sport is growing. I feel like with a big responsibility of making that little girl opportunity to do what I am doing.
Q. Yes. Is your family here this week?

LORENA OCHOA: Yes, I have my parents are here. My older brother, I have good friends from Mexico, and also my sponsors came to watch me play. So it’s been fun. They enjoy a lot.

It’s hard to watch me when you play with Annika, yesterday they told me, “It was so hard to follow you and enjoy the game because too many people.” But they are here. I really feel their support and it’s great to hear some voices in Spanish.
Q. Where is the Solheim Cup in your list of goals?

NATALIE GULBIS: Very high. It’s definitely something I think about every day, whether it’s listening for a message from Nancy Lopez to knowing that it’s out there, seeing other Solheim Cup players that are already on the team, they are kind of rooting you on, too, to be on there.

Q. How often is Nancy calling?

NATALIE GULBIS: After good rounds. Yep, it’s always good to get a call from her.


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