back to reality: the Natalie show

mulligan, 19 July 2005, Comments Off on back to reality: the Natalie show
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Well, it’s finally here. Natalie Gulbis’s reality show. Tonight, on The Golf Channel, at 7:30 EST. There’s no better way to unwind from a Major weekend than to catch the debut show tonight. If you want to see a preview, go to Natalie’s site and click on “Natalie The TV show” on the left hand corner. That’ll take you to a brief preview of the show, with glimpses of Natalie, Pittsburgh Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger, and Butch Harmon. Enjoy tonight.

UPDATE: Sorry, for whatever reason, Natalie’s website people changed the link today. I don’t know why — now all you get is an FHM video clip instead of the reality show clip. We ran a link in June that may still work — click here and then, once you get to the June post, click on the second “here.” If it doesn’t work, we’re out of luck. Just have to watch tonight.


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