British Open: commercial break

mulligan, 17 July 2005, Comments Off on British Open: commercial break
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Being in a family of avid golfers can be a blessing and a curse. Today, I had to fulfill my familial obligations in bringing back some Open souvenirs. I got there “early” around 10 am, thinking the crowds would not be bad. I was wrong. It was chaos, with hordes of avid golf fans scrounging up the last things in stock. I was told that they had 40,000 pieces on site, but most of it has been sold (sales had been brisk starting on Wednesday). If you wanted an official hat, well, that’s been long gone (although unofficial vendors still sell them). And golf shirts, well, they’re only in black and dark blue, so you probably won’t wear them in the States until the fall. Of course, some of the more expensive outerwear are still left. My wallet took an absolute pounding — no pun intended –today in Scotland. If you’re interested in official gear, it’s possible you can still order some on the only U.S. site of selling official gear, via Adidas. These guys must be raking in the dough.

Oh, as far as the course, the number of fans looks like it will be even larger than yesterday. All of Scotland will be here, and possibly half of Spain (with Ollie and Sergio in contention). It will be a madhouse.


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