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Ron Sirak (one of my all-time favorite golf writers) of Golf World has penned this amazing essay in tribute to Jack Nicklaus on Frankly, just about every line in this moving essay is a money line, but I had to pick one:

“When Nicklaus made the turn for home on the Old Course, striding up the 17th known as the Road Hole, the love poured from the grandstands and those lining the fairway. His walk up the 18th, across the Swilcan Bridge and into the shadows of the stately clubhouse that marks the home of golf, will rank as one of the most memorable moments in the history of the game. Players who had finished their rounds hours earlier waited to watch. Titled British nobility shed the same tears as caddies, clerks and cab drivers.

“This moment in time was much more than July 15, 2005. It was the end of an era. “

If you are a true golf fan, you will take 5 minutes of your day to read this fitting tribute to the “Best Golfer Who Ever Lived,” as we like to say where I’m from.


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