news on Natalie Gulbis’s show: reality in November?

mulligan, 27 July 2005, Comments Off on news on Natalie Gulbis’s show: reality in November?
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All of you disappointed Natalie Gulbis fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see her reality show. The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that the show has been postponed until at least November. Amazing it has taken over 1 week from the canceled debut show for any explanation to be given. The reason is somewhat sketchy. Shay Noggle, a program scheduler at The Golf Channel, gave the official explanation: “There are production issues and it’s on hold until at least November. I’ve just been told to tell people that there are production issues between different parties and we have to wait for them to be resolved until we can air it.”

Well, let’s hope the “different parties” can work out the “production issues,” and let’s hope that lawyers don’t have to get involved. All of the Natalie Gulbis fans out there, I’m sure, would love to see the show.

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