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Tiger has emailed about his British Open victory. As we’ve already blogged in this post, Tiger deserves credit for undertaking some swing changes that have now finally paid off.

1. Money line about his swing changes: “People don’t really understand how much hard work went into winning the Masters and the British Open this year, nor do they have to. I just know that I’ve worked so hard on getting to this point with Hank. We received a lot of criticism last year and part of this year. But then again, we’re starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor now. I’ve got two major championships and I finished second in the U.S. Open finishing 80th in putting. So, that’s very, very exciting.”

2. Money line about Jack’s 18 major record: “I’ve often been asked if I can catch Jack’s record (18) for major championships and it certainly is possible, but we’re a long way from getting to that point. It’s taken me a while to get to this point – eight years. It’s not a short term project; this is a career. Hopefully, I can be better in my 30’s than I was in my 20’s.”

We will have more analysis on the prospects of Tiger catching Jack. Stay tuned.

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