The Supreme Court and golf

mulligan, 20 July 2005, Comments Off on The Supreme Court and golf
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President Bush nominated D.C. Circuit judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court yesterday. Judge Roberts is conservative, and incredibly smart and also gracious. In his law practice before becoming a judge, he was a veteran Supreme Court and appellate litigator in D.C., and was tremendously well-respected among lawyers for his ability.

So how does this relate to golf? Well, Judge Roberts is an avid golfer, and, as I recall, a pretty good one at that. Back when Dan Quayle was VP, the two used to play together. I’m not sure who won. If confirmed by the Senate, Judge Roberts will join Justice Stevens as the serious golfers on the Supreme Court. Retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor also played a few rounds. More about Judge Roberts’s nomination in the NYT today.


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