Tiger’s swing changes with Hank Haney

mulligan, 21 July 2005, Comments Off on Tiger’s swing changes with Hank Haney
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Yes, Tiger received a lot of flak during the past two years, after dropping Butch Harmon, coaching himself, and then enlisting Hank Haney as his swing coach. Well, now, Tiger deserves credit for his recent successes in implementing the swing change to the more 1-plane system of Haney (see Golf Digest May 2005 for more about Haney’s swing plane philosophy). The Golf Channel has an excellent article chronicling Haney’s involvement with Tiger’s swing.

Money line: “He’s not going to ever be satisfied with getting there,” Haney said. “He’s not looking for ‘getting there.’ He’s looking for getting better. That’s what he looks for every day.” Whatever it is, Woods appears to have found it.


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