Women’s British Open: brutal weather = bad scores

mulligan, 28 July 2005, Comments Off on Women’s British Open: brutal weather = bad scores
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So is this fair: the men get to play in summer like weather for 4 days at St. Andrews, while the women get stuck with wet, wintry weather at Royal Birkdale? How bad was it? Only 6 people managed to shoot under par.

Annika, who shot 1-0ver, said: “It was obviously very, very difficult today — rainy, wet and cold. We had it all.” Annika’s assessment was shared by Michelle Wie, who bemoaned: “I have played in rain before. I have played in wind before. I have played in cold before, but not all put together… They were the hardest conditions I ever played in.” Michelle wasn’t kidding, just look at the winter hat she was wearing: pic here. She better tell Jesper Parnevik to said some warmer clothes! (See here.)

Despite the bad weather, South Korean Jeong Jang managed a stellar -4 round to capture the first day lead. Lorena Ochoa was not so fortunate, shooting an 85 for +13 and near dead last. Ouch.

Leaderboard – (full board here)
-4 Jeong Jang
-3 Sophie Gustafson
-2 Nicole Perrot
-1 Liselotte Neumann, Kim Williams, Emily Klein
+1 Annika, Cristie Kerr + others
+2 Laura Diaz + others
+3 Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer + others
+4 Natalie Gulbis + others

+8 Birdie Kim + others
+13 Lorena Ochoa
+18 Laura Cabanillas


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