Women’s British Open pre-tourney interviews

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LPGA has posted interviews of some of the big names. Money lines below.

Q. As far as Tiger do you ever make any wagers with him when you play?


Q. What kind of financial penalties are involved?

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Well, we always have to have something riding on the bet. I think that’s what keeps him motivated to beat me. But, you know, for me it’s actually more the pride than anything. Because always when I leave, I always tell him, you know, when I beat you, I can say it and he always makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Q. Do you give him credit?

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: No, we pay up front.

Q. Whose side is more full?

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: I would say his, for many reasons. (Laughter).
Q. A lot of people when they turn pro, the first year, they find things in their game that are not comparable to being pro, have you identified the areas of your game that you need to work out now that you’re a pro?

PAULA CREAMER: I will get longer in the fall; I think that definitely needs to happen. Just creativity. My putting has gotten better because I’ve been able to putt on similar greens week-in and week-out, which is a huge thing for myself because I don’t come from very good greens. Now I have great greens to practice on. I think just being able to work the ball left and right. I pretty much only hit one shot, which is straight or draw. I don’t fade the ball. So things like that would probably be most important.
Q. Nancy Lopez says you would be better served playing and beating your peers, how do you look at that?

MICHELLE WIE: Well, a lot of people don’t know about how I won every single one in Hawaii, and I can’t like pay to go to Geneva and pay to play in these kind of events. It’s the same deal. It was that — I tried to play in AJGA events. They wouldn’t let me. I was too young and so I qualified for it and I really started liking it and I started playing it. I mean, you can learn the art of winning out here, too, and that’s what I’m trying to do out here, too.

Q. You’re wearing a wind protector; is that a problem?

MICHELLE WIE: Well, I like it. I like it very much. I think it’s very pretty. Before I game here, I forgot to pack warm clothes because I wasn’t smart enough to know it was cold here. So I didn’t have any sweaters or anything like that. So when I came here, I found a box sent by Jesper Parnevik and I’m like, oh, this is so neat, I’ll wear it.

Q. Traveling like you do, what will be the first thing you do when you get back home?

MICHELLE WIE: Well, I think I’m going to go to the beach.

Q. Just hang out with your friends?


Q. When were you last in Hawaii?


Q. Do you talk to your friends when your away?

MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I do, but I can’t talk with them while n I’m in Europe, so it’s kind of a bummer. My dad’s hogging the computer, so I don’t really have any time.


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