A (crazy?) idea for LPGA promotion

mulligan, 28 August 2005, Comments Off on A (crazy?) idea for LPGA promotion
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One of my many reactions to closely following the LPGA this week — besides a basic awe for how good the women pros are from 120 yards in — is that the LPGA needs to figure out better ways promote itself and its golfers. Women’s golf should be at least as big as women’s tennis, especially right now when (as I will detail in future posts) there are so many compelling story lines.

As I brainstorming about possible promotion ideas for the LPGA, one (crazy?) idea came to mind: Perhaps an LPGA event should consider pulling a “reverse Wie” by giving a sponsor’s exemption to a man.

Inviting Tiger to tee it up with the women would generate huge PR. Same goes for inviting Vijay or Phil or Ernie. Other possible invites could be the reigning men’s US Amateur champion, or the money leader on the Nationwide Tour, or even Jack and Arnie.

The golf press (and the entire sports media) would likely be intrigued simply by the offer of an LPGA sponsor’s exemption to a man; the story would only grow if (when?) the offer gets turned down by men unwilling to tee it up with the women.

Of course, giving a sponsor’s exemption to a man would be something of a stunt, but it is a stunt that not only could generate PR, but also could help demonstrate how good the LPGA pros are. After watching the women shoot in the mid-60s all week at Tartan Fields, I am convinced only a handful of men could keep up with all the LPGA pros if everyone is playing from the women’s tees (which greatly reduces the significance of men’s ability to hit the ball longer).


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