The Pressel report: there’s no crying in golf

mulligan, 26 August 2005, Comments Off on The Pressel report: there’s no crying in golf
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So I managed to see Morgan Pressel today at the range and on the 18th hole finishing up. She’s a spunky kid, with broad shoulders though slight in height, and she can hit the ball a long way! On the 18th, she was -7 and stuffed her approach shot to about 7 feet or less. Back in the fairway, though, she kind of stomped her foot, wanting the ball to go closer. I thought it was a great shot.

What I didn’t know, though, was that Morgan really, really wanted to get to -8, so that she might be paired with Annika. Well, Morgan got a great read from her playing partner who had the same line as she did — a very sharp right to left break. Morgan, however, hit a very weak putt that had no chance as soon as it left the blade.

Afterwards, Morgan broke down in tears. “I wanted to play with Annika tomorrow — and I probably would have if I had made one of the putts on the last two holes,” she said between sobs. “I’ve never played with her in a tournament. I’ve looked up to her for so long. It would have been important for me to play with her.”


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