Question of the Month: Tiger v. Jack

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The Golf Blog: Tiger v. Jack (click for larger image)

Shout out to Chabber for correctly answering July’s Question of the Month: Harvard Square is the site of the Tiger Woods ad. This month we’re upping the ante. The Question of the Month is: tell us why Tiger won’t catch or surpass Jack Nicklaus’s record 18 major championships.

Whoever writes the best answer will receive a Jack Nicklaus £ 5 note, courtesy of The Golf Blog. Remember you have to defend Jack in your answer – you can’t select Tiger’s side. Just for devil’s advocate sake, we’ll make the case for the opposite side. Here’s why Tiger will beat Jack’s record.

Evidence A: As shown in the graph above, Tiger’s already 3 years ahead of Jack’s pace in securing majors, after locking up No. 10 before the age of 30. Tiger’s more than halfway home and he no doubt can rattle off 9 majors in the next 10 years. His swing changes with Hank Haney seem to have taken shape.

Evidence B: Ever since little, Tiger has had a single-minded focus in beating Jack’s record. Tiger just won’t be stopped when he sets his mind to something.

Evidence C: Tiger and Jack in his prime seem evenly matched in all aspects of the game except one: short game. Jack would be the first to admit Tiger’s got a more versatile short game.

Evidence D: Competition, or lack thereof. When it comes to the majors and Tiger’s in contention, no one (with the sole exception of a streaking Rich Beem) seems to be able to trade shots with Tiger, blow for blow. Jack had the likes of Palmer, Player, Trevino, Watson (for a few years, Miller) – all world class players who competed head-to-head with Jack without wilting.

1. Only 1 entry per person. Enter by posting “comment” to this entry.
2. Everyone can post a “comment” to answer this month’s Question, but if you’d like a chance at the prize you must use a username when you comment so we can identify you later on. Selecting a username on Blogger takes a minute, is very easy, and doesn’t have to be your real name.
3. In a tie, a good comment posted earlier in time will beat the same comment posted by someone else later.


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